Directed /Produced by STEPHEN AMIS
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Synopsis: In 1888, the MELBOURNE OBSERVATORY was busily charting the stars of the Southern Hemisphere. The laborious task of calculating the astronomers’ observations were reserved for unwed women; women commonly known as COMPUTERS… Enter LILLIUM DOUBLEHART – a suffragette who shares her bed solely with science. When Lillium’s employed by Government Astronomer, DR NORTON ABRAXAS, the Observatory is scandalised by her outlandish ‘Aetheric Detector’ – a precursor of the radio telescope. Lillium’s defense of women’s rights incites the Computers’ to rebel; a revolution led by Lillium’s dictum, ‘Stand outside the program.’

Kerry Armstrong … Lillium Doubleheart
Belle Leslie … April Macintosh
John Stanton … Dr. Norton Abraxas