Today is #loveyawork day! And at Chameleon Casting, WE REALLY LOVE OUR WORK.
What a beautiful initiative for creatives to reach out and let everyone know that they love your work – or in our case, love OUR work.

The creative industry is an interesting one to be a part of that’s for sure. Often we are heads down working hard and moving from one project to the next. Being a casting agency in Melbourne is definitely a rewarding job. We love our clients, our Talent, our Actors, our staff, WE LOVE OUR JOB.

Casting in Australia means we have such a great pool of faces and talent to choose from, which is half the fun. Though we have a comparatively small Television and Film industry in Australia, it’s very well respected. From casting TV Talent, to short & feature films we love every second of our job. So just a shout out to say to all our company, #loveyawork

Chameleon Casting, your happy casting agents.