Thank you so much for applying to our casting call!

The second step of your application is to make a self-test video, this will be super quick and easy to do (you can film this on your iphone, that is totally fine!)

Please see DROPBOX LINK for you below with the following documents, for your reference –

  1. Instructions for your self-test (this will have info how you upload the video as well)
  2. Job form, for you each to complete (please make sure you both fill this out and please upload this to the same link as the self test).
  3. The brief, which has further information about this campaign

The ball is rolling really fast, so we’d love if you could please send your self-test and job forms through as soon as possible!

Thanks so much, we look forward to receiving your Video! Feel free to call if you have any other questions 03 9510 1188