Produced by PAUL MODER
Hybrid Films Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OImkVCENQqs

Synopsis: RAZOR EATERS is your front-row ticket to an anarchistic rampage of violence, death and destruction. Based loosely on the exploits of the Hedge-Burners gang who plagued Melbourne and videotaped their crimes, the RAZOR EATERS gang swings its broad sword across suburbia, delivering explosive thrills and bloody eye-candy. Heralding the motto ‘Organise, Traumatise, Immortalise’, the five young members attract headlines by targeting all those we’d love to see get punished – filthy drug dealers, corrupt politicians, arrogant sports stars…and parking inspectors!

Paul Moder – Danny Berdan
Richard Cawthorne – Zach
Teague Rook – Orville
Fletcher Humphrys – Roger
Campbell Usher – Anthony
Shannon Young – Rob
Matt Robertson – Chris
Julie Eckersley – Jenny
David Bradshaw – Hersch
Vince Gil – Lonnie Evans
Peter Hosking – Hurstleigh
Angus Sampson – Syksey
Craig Madden – Garth
David Serafin – Parking Inspector
Chris McLean – Dean