Dir.: Dennis K Smith

Blurb: The story of how a shellshocked war veteran took to the road as a hawker and ended up creating a national icon.

Dennis K. Smith – Director / Writer, Melanie Coombs – Producer, Kevin Anderson – Cinematographer, Madeline Flynn – Composer, Tim Humphrey – Composer, Bill Murphy – Editor

Website with stills, trailer, info: http://www.filmaust.com.au/Fabric/default.asp

Wendy Hughes … Narrator (voice)
Andrew S. Gilbert … Fletcher Jones
Don Bridges … Charlie the Skitcher
Ben Rogers … Young Fletcher
Natasha Suran … Rena Jones
Takahito Masuda … Toyohiko Kagawa
James Wright … Tailor
Adam Ford … Debt Collector
Phil Di Giusto … Debt Collector