Here at Chameleon Casting, we are a busy casting consultancy with many projects and jobs happening at any one time!

Over the last few months we have cast a few  projects that require a variety of sportspeople – athletes, coaches, trainers, and support staff just to name a few!
Our Casting Directors have been busy sourcing out talent who fit the brief – Daniella Friedman met with groups of amazing semi-professional tennis players, Lisa Fineberg attended training sessions and streetcast with VFL/VAFA football teams, and Rosie Traynor made sure to duck for cover when streetcasting with some very BIG players from a variety of Gridiron teams!

In addition to this we auditioned some very fit and fantastic professional & semi-professional boxers, boxing coaches & referees, tennis linesman, coaches & ballboys & ballgirls, jockeys – the list goes on!

It is certainly a colourful and fun office here at Chameleon with such a large variety of casting briefs we are constantly filling – and we wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂