At Chameleon Casting we have access to a large range of amazing talent. Most of our casting for TV or casting for Film is pulled directly from our resources. However, occasionally there are jobs which we have a particular face, look, or even skill in mind.

Sometimes as Casting Agents, we go out ‘on the ground’ and find the faces we need. Part of the role of a Casting Director is to look beyond what’s merely available and really find exactly what the client needs.

That’s why we have the What’s On section of our website, which sometimes has CASTING CALLS advertised. We want to remind everyone to check in and see if you or perhaps someone you know would suit that latest Casting in Melbourne or Casting across Australia.

At the moment we’re on the hunt for a REAL BUTCHER. Yep, guts and all 😉

Keep your eye on our What’s on Page and we also post to our facebook, so make sure you’ve liked our page over there too.

Cheers, Chameleon Casting