Melbourne is one of the major film and television producers in the region. With a multitude of quality Television series, Television commercials and of course short and feature films coming out of this city, there’s never a dull moment in the casting industry.

Melbourne has just wrapped up the latest Melbourne International Film Festival. This is a time for the city to show off it’s great venues, and also to showcase both international and locally produced films.

As Casting Agents, occasionally we love to sit on the other side of the screen and sit back and watch the incredible job that the local film making industry does. We loved hearing people’s conversations post film and the buzz which it created in the city.

With an impressive program it’s not easy to choose which films to see, so we found ourselves often running from one screening to the next, back to back.

We encourage everyone to get along to the cinemas and watch the incredible talent which is coming out of our own backyard.
Cheers, Chameleon Casting – your Australian casting agent.